The Greek government took the final step.  Acting as lackey of the Zionists, delivered (by hand of Ch. Papoutsis) a Notice of detention of all ships of the "Freedom Flotilla II", located in Greek ports.

The Coast Guard with the threat of arms stopped the American ship, shortly after it sailed from Perama, and arrested the captain.  Similarly, Coast Guard commandos chased the Canadian ship in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, captured it and returned it to port, putting the mission members to hostage overnight in their own ship, under the threat of the local prosecutor to arrest them all.

This decision, illegal in all respects (nobody has any right to ban private boats to travel), exceeds all limits of provocation.

The proposal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send the humanitarian aid that will carry the "Freedom Flotilla II" through "legal channels" to Gaza, legitimizes the illegal siege of Gaza by the Israeli occupation army and is in full alignment with the propaganda of the Zionist state.

We denounce the provocative action of the Greek government.

We demand the govt let the ships of Flotilla travel to any destination their passengers choose.

We call for a protest rally outside the Foreign Ministry on Friday, 7 pm (initialappointment at Syntagma Square, at height of Great Britain Hotel).

It would be a disgrace to Greek people, if Papandreou government managed to prevent the ships to sail, doing the job of the Zionists.

Solidarity Network to the Palestinian Resistance

Πορεία στην Αμερικάνικη & Ισραηλινή πρεσβεία, Τρίτη 15/5, 6μμ

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Αφίσα 2/5/2017

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